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Upcoming CMC changes... Must read! Plans and Future.

The changes coming to CMC

As some of you would already know by now I have said about upcoming changes to CMC. Soon I will be changing the value of CMC from 1000 CMC p/$ to 10000 CMC p/$. Everyone CMC will be adjusted to this change so no one will lose out.

I will be disabling all exchanges that happen with CMC and creating a new V2 withdrawal system. This will be improved to support withdrawals via CMC (in the future). This mean new coins can be supported in this method.

Paid-Contracts and Auto-Miner will adapt to using CMC. Shop, market and properties will also work around this. All costs and earnings will remain roughly as they currently are.

This covers the basis of the changes but I will keep you all informed on the changes.

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