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A virtual bitcoin mining game

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Owned Miners
16917217.33 SAT
Bitcoin Earned
449575.53 Litoshi
Litecoin Earned
55947.56 DOGE
Dogecoin Earned
* Earnings are based of ingame values. Earnings are not based on real time mining values.

About the game

Build your own virtual bitcoin mining farm and lease your hashing power. Start small, grow big. Purchase miners and grow your business...

Create contracts to miner BTC, DOGE & LTC. Withdraw your funds instantly to your FaucetHub wallet!


When you start you will get your very first property rent free

Once you start grow you will need to expand your property, to hold more miners - This is where you can rent a building from the Agency.


AntMiner U3


AntMiner S5

AntMiner U2

AntMiner S1

MoonLander 2

Low End GPU

* Miners are different and vary in game. Game runs on fictional statistics. Contract Miner BETA is not a cloud-mining platform. It is a rewarding mining browser game.

The Bit-Market

Buy & Sell miners on the Bit-Market.

EXP & Tasks

With our progressive and rewarding EXP system you will earn bonuses and unlock new items & features the more you play. You can claim your bonuses and gifts in the tasks page and gain new chat icons and colours to show off your level.


The faucet is a great quick way to start saving for miners.

Instant Payouts

Instant payouts for all your contract earnings. Withdraw in Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin.