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Welcome to Contract Miner BETA

A virtual bitcoin mining game

This is a BETA, any and all values in the game may change & the reward is based on the real bitcoin mining reward times 25 ({value}*25).
Total Mining Hash: 1104887.15 Mhs
26437.15 Mhs Claimed
Contracted Earnings: 1045968.94 Satoshi
Build your own virtual bitcoin mining farm and lease your hashing power. Start small, grow big. Purchase miners and grow your business.

Join NOW & get a FREE bonus 500 Mhs mining power, 5 minute contract timer & a place to start worth 10 storage space to start mining with!

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Virtual mining using rewarding mining values. You can contract your hashing power and get paid for it.



With our progressive and rewarding EXP system you will earn bonuses and unlock new items / features the more you play. This includes earning Mhs from the Mhs Faucet and unlocking higher tier items from the ingame shop.

You can play for free and claim mining power from the mhs faucet.

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Create your own company

Ready to move up in the world? Start your own company? Rent a bigger building to hold more miners.

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