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Contract Miner: Withdrawing

Contract Miner: Withdrawing

First of all it is neccessary to setup your Wallets and to secure the access to the market and the withdrawing with a pincode.
These Settings are both found on the “Settings” Menu on the right Side.

On this Panel you have to enter your desired Pincode which has to verified via Mail

As soon as you verify your Pincode via Link in the Mail it should update successfully.

The second thing you have to do is to Setup your desired wallet which is found under the entry “Connected Wallets”

When you enter your Wallet Details and your Pin-Code you should retriev the Pop-Up Dialog which states that you successfully updated your Wallet-Details

To Finally withdraw CMC to your desired currency you need to select the withdraw Menu Entry on the left Side.
Here you get overview of the available payment methods.

Info: Withdraw is only possible every 24 Hours with an maximum amount of 5000 CMC.

10000 CMC equals to 1 USD!

As an Example we withdraw Doge to CedsonHub.

Info: The Balance of the currencies are shown on the top of the currency Symbol.
If some currency has Empty Balance just feel free to ask TheKingajew in the Chat to refill the desired currency.

Now you have to enter the desired amount of CMC you wanna withdraw and confirm your request with your previous configured Pin-Code

Tip: If there are any predefined inputs please clear them before

As confirmation of your withdrawing you get the following Popup which can be closed via “X” or “Cancel”

When you’ve finished your request you’ve also an overview of your recent Withdrawals and how much CMC you’ve claimed in total.

subject to change. Last editited on 14.02.2021