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CM & other crpyto related news.

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Prediction Competition hosted by Plavaboja The event was to predict the correct game score of a Football / Soccer game. The game was Manchester United vs Chelsea. ... Read More

CedsonHub As you was aware, faucethub is undergoing a rebrand and will be stopping it's microwallet services. CedsonHub will become our first new Microwallet to be added to Contract-Miner. They offer low fee's with a withdraw minimum of 20,000 Satoshi and 50... Read More

Dogecoin is coming to CM! This will be the return of dogecoin and is just one of many coins that I would like to add so what a better way to test the new system with the implementation of Dogecoin! How to get dogecoin? You can withdraw your CMC through V2 Withdrawals and simply select withdra... Read More

The changes coming to CMC As some of you would already know by now I have said about upcoming changes to CMC. Soon I will be changing the value of CMC from 1000 CMC p/$ to 10000 CMC p/$. Everyone CMC will be adjusted to this change so no one will lose out. ... Read More

The News Section It's finally here! An official news section :O This will seperate CM information and off-site news to the blog. The news will be more official information such as updates, general site information and the blog will allow for the expansion of promoting websites (and sponsors) and new startups / crypto information.... Read More