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Discor Chat and Support

Greetings and Good day fellow Crypto Miners. 

Did you know CryptoMiner has their own Discord server called the "Free4Later-Network" where you can chat with others like yourself and get support for the site.

It's real easy to get on all you have to do is search for "Free4Later-Network" in Discord or just click this Url: https://discord.gg/mGKE7w47pm to be transported right over to the Discord and start your journey.

Also you can get support there from the staff and post pictures of your problem in the #create-ticket channel or do you see something that is a bug on the website like a link not going to the proper place or even horrible spelling you can add a screenshot to the bug-reports section for the staff to take a look at.

There you have it fellow Crypto Miners a new and simple way for the staff to help you and to entertain and talk about other projects with people like you. Hope to see you soon in the discord and happy mining.