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New Market and Property Updates

Hey friends as you log in this weekend you will have noticed a few changes on the site. But don't worry this is aimed at helping you earn more while keeping everything even'd out for the game. 

Starting with the Shop, you might have noticed things are slightly inflated price wise. Prices were raised by about 2.5x  but on the other side of things the cost multiplies is down making recurring costs cheaper which evens out in the long and opens up for a few property enhancements.

Properties had their storage increased by 50% (excluding the parents house) which can open you up for more miners in your properties but you will have to manage your Power Usage to make sure they are running all the time.

The Market listings were reset to adjust to the new pricing structure. So if you were listing old miners up there you will need to relist them from your inventory.

Now for rewards... They've increased about 50%+ higher, and the deposit and offerwall bonuses are now 50% easier to get. 


More updates to come in the future as we proceed on a few more new options for you to earn and more. And we hope this helps clear any confusion that you have had the past few days. Happy Mining!