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USD features: DOGE-D, Exchange and withdrawals.

Just a quick overview on the changes and how it'll be working.

DOGE-D will be added along with more coins very soon. All coins ending with a -D are dollar based coins meaning, 1 whole coin is worth exactly 1 USD.

You can find your USD balances along with your other balances;

USD coins (DOGE-D) will becoming the main currency for withdrawals and CMC being the main purchase for CMCI. It will still be a good idea to keep mining CMC to save on exchange fees.

To begin mining just click on connect to pool (Auto-Miner) and select DOGE-D mining;

Other than the Auto-Miner you can convert your CMC to USD coins or even convert your USD coins to CMCI for times you need to pay your rent or buy new miners.

Withdrawals are now manual withdrawals and can take upto 7 days to process. The makes it more effiecient for users to withdraw their earnings.

Submitting a withdrawal is exactly the same as it was before. Just select your coin, complete the form and withdraw;

Track the withdrawal process at the bottom of the page;