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Contract Miner: Getting more CMC and earning RP

Contract Miner: Getting more CMC and earning RP

To speedup the process of getting CMC/CMCI/RP to buying stuff and to withdraw it’s preferred to use the Offerwalls which are found in the Menu on the left Side.
Slideshow, EngagedHits and HideoutTV are here fairly easy ones where it’s often only needed to look some videos or look on some advertisment pages.

Info: If a payment is not directly send it’s often seen under Pending (in the Screenshot is the Example from HideoutTV)

Another way to speed up the proccess is to gain Reward Points which is possible on several ways.
One way is the RP Faucet which is found on the Dashboard. Here is it possible every 15 Minutes to “Generate a RP URL”

When you click on the Button you receive the following Info where you can choose how to procceed further.

Here you have to solve the Captcha and wait 10 Seconds after you can finish with “Complete Auth!”

As it finishs you get a popup with the total amount of Reward Points you gain.

When you expand the left Menu with a click on the 4 Squares in the Top Bar it is possible to get access to the “Coin-Flip” RP Game.
This is fairly easy all you have to do here is to click on Flip Coin and depending on the side of the coin you get an Reward.
This Game is also on a 15 Minute Cooldown.

To spend now your earned RP you just need a simple click on Reward Points in the Dashboard.
Here you can spend Points for Power Packs or Timed Mh/s for the Auto-Miner (They don’t need aditional Power Units and last for 7 days from claimed)

Another way to rise your rewards are the Loot boxes which exists in 3 types.
Here is it also needed to just click on the Loot-Box Info in the Dashboard to get access to the overview of the Loot-Boxes.

When you now claim your Loot-Box it’s also just a single click until you get your reward with Timed MH/s for the Auto-Miner which is shown in the Popup-Window.

subject to change. Last editited on 16.02.2021