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Contract Miner: Getting Started

Contract Miner: Getting Started

Goal of Contract Miner is it to keep your Miners active and permanent connected to the Auto-Miner to get your daylie Cashout

In Contract Miner exists 3 currencies
– CMC (Used for Withdrawing and Reward for doing Offerwalls)
– CMCI (Internal currency for buying stuff like Miners, Power Packs and to pay your Rent of your Property)
– RP (can be used to buy Power, Timed MHs and EXP)

CMCI can be Exchanged 1:1 when you reach a minimum amount of 75 CMC with a 5% Fee which will be deducted from your total amount

Where to Start:

First of all we head over to the Shop which is in the left Menu as seen in the Screenshot

Within the Shop it’s possible to buy Miner(s) and also Power Packs which are needed to keep your miners connected to the Mining Pool.
Keep in Mind that each Miner Model requires a different Player-Level and consumes a different amount of Power.
Also in the Shop you can see the Property Limit which states the amount of active Miners within your Property.
You can see your Miner(s) on the Right side of the Website.

Info: You can Claim your first Miner “Moon Lander 2” in the Shop for Free

Also in the Shop you can buy Power Units which are needed that your Miner(s) stay connected to the Auto-Miner. Each Model grants another amount of PU.
You can buy it once or as a pack of 3.

Info: If your Power rises then the Price will also rise. Keep this in mind when you plan to buy larger amounts of Power.
When your power drops to zero it is needed to reconnect your Miner to the Auto-Miner

To access the Overview of your Property choose the corresponding Entry in the Left Menu.
You’ll start in your Parents House where you’ve Storage for 5 Miners and 30 Power.
The Parents House also needs no rent. If you wanna go for a bigger House you need to pay your Rent for the specified amount of time and get the ability to store more Miners and also more Power Storage

Tip: Check if you make enough CMC or CMCI before you move to Bigger houses. It’s only possible to move to one Property and use it for Mining.
If you don’t extend your rent your Miners will also disconnect from the Auto-Miner

To connect your Miner(s) to the Auto-Miner you’ve to select the correct Entry within the Menu on the Left Side which will brings you to the Overview of the Auto-Miners.
Here you choose select “Connect” to bring your Miner(s) Online. In this overview it’s also possible to see your daily Power Units which are needed to stay online.

This is how your Auto-Miner console looks like when you’ve your Miners connected.
Your part of the block will be added every 15 minutes and the total can be claimed every 24 Hours

Info: The Timer for the next Mining Block is shown within your Auto-Miner Console and also on top of your Dashboard.

To Cashout you’ve to go on the Auto-Miner console as mentioned before and scroll down until you find the “Cashout” button which will leads you to the Site in the Screenshot below.

Here you can see two Block Rewards which can be claimed with an Overview of the earned EXP and Reward Points

Info: You can hold the Cashouts for the Block for 10 days until they expire.

subject to change. Last editited on 14.02.2021