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Timed-Mhs and How they work.

Timed-Mhs - Mining Power

Timed Mh/s give Hashrate for autominer BUT for limited amount of time only! Timed Mh/s will expire.

There are a few ways to earn Timed Mh/s and they can be found under:

Left menu -> Timed Mhs ->

 - Miners-Tap (Claim every 15 Minutes)(They last 5days).

 - Timed Hourly-Pot (Claim every 60 Minutes)(They last 3H).

 - Timed Loot-Boxes (Daily Box - Expire after 1Day | Weekly Box - Expire after 1 week | Monthly Box - Expire after 1 month).

Tip: Claim as much as you can so you can earn more CMC and EXP thru the autominer
Tip: Timed MHs dont consume energy (PU).