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Auto-Miner V2. How it works

The Auto-Miner

The Auto-Miner (AM) is where you will earn CMC. You can connect at any level with your hashrate.

You will use your own miners or Timed MH/s and earnings are based on your Mining HashRate (Miners Hashrates + Timed MH/s).

Go to the autominer page.

Scroll down an look for the button "Connect" (without miners or timed mhs you wont be able to connect).

Press the "Connect Button" and you will be connected to the pool, rewards are stacked every 15min, you can cashout the profit every time the block is over (24H/block).

As rewards you will earn: CMC/EXP/RP

Tip: Timed MH/s grant double EXP for the amount of Timed MH/s you have.
Tip: Check the dashboard log to figure how much you are earning and how Energy (PU) you are using.
Tip: The more blocks you finish more challenges you will automatically complete.

The autominer only disconnects IF you dont have enough energy (PU) or your rent due.