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New Auto-Miner -- Passive Mining -- Guide


As you would have seen by now, the auto-miner is passive. Just add power (Miner maintenance to be added in the future), connect to the CM Mining Pool and it'll start generating your rewards right away.

The auto-miner is no longer contract based so like above it's 100% passive. You connect to the mining pool to begin mining blocks. You'll generate 'Part Blocks' which is your incremental rewards on that block. Every 24 hours the block will expire and create a new one when it does you can cashout your earnings.


Step 1 -- The Shop.

You'll need to own some miners. More hashrate you have then the bigger your rewards will be. Head to the City Shop to buy some miners.

* You can also use Timed Mh/s to boost your hashrate.

Step 2 -- Power Units.

Along side your miners you will need to have some Power Units. This is Power that will keep your miners running. If you run out of power then your miners will stop and disconnect from the mining pool.

Step 3 -- Connect.

Once you have some Miners and Power Units you can begin running your miners. Click connect to connect to the mining network.

Step 4 -- Cashout.

A block is mined daily. Once a block is completed then you can cashout.

That's all you need to start running the Auto-Miner. You can disconnect from the mining pool at anytime. If you sell a miner when it is active then it will disconnect from your mining session.

You can check your earnings just bellow the console.

You have your share of the block and then the value of the block. (You share vs Total value)


Any questions? Just ask in the chatbox.

- Thekingajew