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Guide how to start

Contract-Miner is a Text based Crypto Browser Game.

As a beginner, You will have a FREE HOUSE that can HOLD UP TO 5 miners,you will be able to create 'Paid Contracts'(Faucet).

Your first contract is free then with your profits you can purchase(fictional) higher tiered contracts to gain more rewards.

  • At the dashboard page scroll down and find this tab:


  • Press "Go to Paid-Contracts"

You will find a bunch of contracts you can do, and you will also find out most of them ARE LOCKED!

You need to level up (do paid contracts) in order to unlock NEW CONTRACTS.

  • Choose the contract and start

  • Wait the timer to run off and finish the contract

  • Follow the steps to the end and receive you reward and repeat until you level UP!

Once you begin to understand more about the game you will find you can run 'Auto Miners'.

Auto Miners is when you can run your own MINERS you can purchase from the Shop/Market.


  • Again on the Dashboard page scroll down and find this tab:

  • Press "Go to Auto-Miners"
  • You will see that you have a bunch of LONGER contracts to do, and AGAIN it has RESTRICTIONS, this time the restrictions are based on miners.
  • Autominer contracts also gives EXP.


To finish the contract its similar to paid contracts, when its finished you just have to start another contract.

  • Every miner has HASHRATE (fictional), so you need to buy enough miners to be able to fill the requiered HASHRATE for the contract you want to use on the AUTO-MINER page.
  • Go to Shop or market to buy Miners

  • Miners will show Hasrate - Cost - Level Restriction - Consumption (electricity cost) More Hasrate = More earnings but also = to more consumption.
  • Everytime you buy the SAME MINER the price will increase FOR THAT MINER.
  • If you want more Miners and your house is full you have to go to City tab - Proprety tab (you can check all the house to rent).


This the 1/2 step to start into this site if you have any questions feel free to ask in Chat and someone will help you for sure.