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What are Timed Mh/s

What are Timed Mh/s

So by now you would have seen or heard about earning of Timed Mh/s. So what are they? They're 'Timed Mh/s', you have them but it's for a limited amount of time. Unlike the shop where you purchase a miner these Timed Mh/s will expire.

Timed Mh/s expire X amount of days from when they're first claimed. Usually they last upto 7 days! It's a great way to build up more Mh/s for the Auto-Miner.

How can I earn Timed Mh/s?

There are a few ways to earn them and they can be found under 'Earn -> Timed Mh/s'. You can earn them via;

Miners-Tap (Claim every 15 Minutes).

Timed Hourly-Pot (Claim every 60).

Timed Shorteners (Complete shortlinks for TM).

Timed Loot-Boxes (Free TM Loot-Boxes).

On the pages you will see how many Timed Mh/s you will earn & when they'll expire. You also will have a Timed Mh/s Overview when you can check on all you Timed Mh/s amount, dates and when they will expire.


Hope this gives a better insight to Timed Mh/s and there potential.