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Upcoming changes and removal of Internal Mh/s

This will be a brief introduction into the upcoming changes.

As I said many months ago, I will be removing Internal Mh/s. After talking to users I will convert ALL internal Mh/s into Satoshi balance - You will get 1 SAT per 1 Mh.

Just to clarify, Internal Mh/s would include old Mh/s faucet earnings, daily gift bonus and signup bonus. Owned miners purchased from the shop are part of a different system and are not effected.

Upcoming changes;

Timed Mh/s. This will include a few new features. How will it work, so there will be a 'Miners Tap' where you can make a claim to some free Mh/s. These Mh/s are timed and will last 7 days! The more active you are you will be able to keep a high Mh/s value.

Make sure to stick around.