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New Points System - NEW FEATURE! Contract-Miner

Points System

This is a new feature to Contract-Miner - The Points System. How it works, when you gain a point you can then use this point to redeem for ingame bonuses.

This is a new ingame feature so bonuses are limited for the time being. Right now you can redeem your points for Power Units (PU).

How do I know how many points I have?

You will see your 'Points' on the sidebar bellow your account stats. Click on Points.

How do I redeem my Points?

Once you click on 'Points' it's display what you can redeem them for.

How many can I accumulate?

Since this is a new system, you can only have a max of 5 points.

How do I gain points?

Right now, just being active. Once a week you will gain +1 point.

This is just a start to a new system. This will bring many new features to Contract-Miner.