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Introduction to Contract-Miner (Detailed Explanation)

Introduction to Contract-Miner

Contract-Miner is a Text based Crypto Browser Game. At the time of posting the game is on Version 1.08 (Changes could have been made since).

As a beginner, you will be able to create 'Paid Contracts'. Your first contract is free then with your profits you can purchase higher tiered contracts to gain more rewards. You will also progress your account through levels, which you will also earn rewards for each level gained.

Once you begin to understand more about the game you will find you can run 'Auto Miners'. Auto Miners is when you can run your own on site miners which you can purchase and upgrade from the shop.

You can purchase miners with your earnings through the shop and bit-market. When you upgrade your miners you can sell your old ones to other members on the Bit-Market or the Trader.

Properties: You will require a larger property when you want to buy more miners. Your first property is free and has 5 storage. You can rent property from the Property Agency.

Back to Auto-Miners - Auto-Miners, they run your miners for a set period of time on a based reward. The more miners / hashrate you own then the larger your reward.

Contractor: This is your unique page, your statistics and overview is here for you to view, share and show off your stats / earnings.

The King-Bank: This is where you can exchange between currency and withdraw your funds (Instant to FaucetHub).

You can earn extra 'Internal Balance' IB by completing tasks. There are many tasks to complete so you can gain lots of rewards and have lots of fun.

Internal Balance? This is your onsite balance which is gained through the 'King Bank'. Internal Balance is the currency which the Bank, Shop and Bit-Market accept. You can gain this through the Bank's Exchange system.

Ready to begin? Visit Contract-Miner.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Contract-Miner :)

- Thekingajew