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New Auto-Miner -- Passive Mining -- Guide

10/04/2020 07:01:34

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Contract Miner: Getting more CMC and earning RP

16/02/2021 01:25:46

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Understanding Power-Units

31/07/2020 04:38:51

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Reward-Points - Loyalty Bonus

11/08/2020 21:52:51

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Get Ready for the Brazilian Carnival Event and Win Exclusive Rewards! Are you excited to dive into the captivating world of the Brazilian Carnival? We are ab ... Read More
Veteran Memberships After over 6 years of constant updates, we have decided to add memberships to the project. Veteran Memberships will enable miners to further support the project and its future updates. ... Read More
The new Rack Update was released on March 15th, 2023. With this update players have the possibility to increase the number of miners in their property by using racks. Due to this update it was necessary to disconnect all miners from the pool. Changes on the Property: Each property has now a Storage Capacity shown on the Property Websit ... Read More
SCP Wallet With some recent changes you can no longer use your SCC wallet directly from your account. This is due to some current API limitations. For this you MUST use your StakeCube Core wallet address. This ... Read More
Greetings and Good day fellow Crypto Miners.  Did you know CryptoMiner has their own Discord server called the "Free4Later-Network" where you can chat with others like yourself and get support for the site. It's real easy to get on all you have to do is search for "Free4Later-Network" in Discord or just click this Url:  ... Read More
Hey friends as you log in this weekend you will have noticed a few changes on the site. But don't worry this is aimed at helping you earn more while keeping everything even'd out for the game.  Starting with the Shop, you might have noticed things are slightly inflated price wise. Prices were raised by about 2.5x  but on the other side of things the cost multiplies i ... Read More
Chat Rains & TMHS Airdrops Chat Rains and Tmhs Airdrops. What are they? Chat Rains V1; Chat Rains. You have a chance to win a share of bonus RP from chatting with other members in the chat bo ... Read More
Just a quick overview on the changes and how it'll be working. DOGE-D will be added along with more coins very soon. All coins ending with a -D are dollar based coins meaning, 1 whole coin is worth exactly 1 USD. You can find your USD balances along with your other balances; ... Read More
Contract Miner: Marketplace One special Part of Contract Miner is the Marketplace. Here you can buy or sell Miners without a Level restriction which means a player with Level 1 as example can buy Miners which needs Level 104 in the normal shop. It is also possible to sell Miners instantly to the Trader (with a larger loss of CMCI) if you need space for new miners. ... Read More
Contract Miner: Withdrawing First of all it is neccessary to setup your Wallets and to secure the access to the market and the withdrawing with a pincode. These Settings are both found on the “Settings” Menu on the right Side. ... Read More
Contract Miner: Getting more CMC and earning RP To speedup the process of getting CMC/CMCI/RP to buying stuff and to withdraw it’s preferred to use the Offerwalls which are found in the Menu on the left Side. Slideshow, EngagedHits and HideoutTV ... Read More
Contract Miner: Getting Started Goal of Contract Miner is it to keep your Miners active and permanent connected to the Auto-Miner to get your daylie Cashout In Contract Miner exists 3 currencies – CMC (Used for Withdrawing and Reward for doing Offerwalls) – CMCI (Internal currency for buying stuff like Miners, Power Packs ... Read More
Earning more Reward-Points You will now earn Rewards-Points (RP) from the RP Faucet which can be found on the dashboard. With this update, both TMHS faucets will be removed. This move will boost the usage of RP along with the RP you already gain from the Auto-Miner. You can still redeem your RP for Timed-Mhs along with other bonus perks. ... Read More
Reward Points Reward Points, (RP) are free points (Loyalty Bonus) that you can accumulate to buy some ingame packs. You can earn RP by playing the "RP coin flip" free game every 15min, or passively through the autominer (AM). ... Read More
Power-Units Power Units (PU), will give the necessary energy for your miners work nonstop. Power Units (PU) is the most valuable resource, without them your miners wont work! To buy Power Units (PU): ... Read More
Timed-Mhs - Mining Power Timed Mh/s give Hashrate for autominer BUT for limited amount of time only! Timed Mh/s will expire. There are a few ways to earn Timed Mh/s and they can be found under: ... Read More
The Auto-Miner The Auto-Miner (AM) is where you will earn CMC. You can connect at any level with your hashrate. You will use your own miners or Timed MH/s and earnings are based on your Mining HashRate (Miners Hashrates + Timed MH/s). ... Read More
Auto-Miner As you would have seen by now, the auto-miner is passive. Just add power (Miner maintenance to be added in the future), connect to the CM Mining Pool and it'll start generating your rewards right away. The auto-miner is no longer contract based so like above it's 100% passive. You connect ... Read More
Using CedsonHub Now on Contract-Miner we're processing your payings through CedsonHub. CedsonHub works a little bit diffe ... Read More
Contract-Miner is a Text based Crypto Browser Game. As a beginner, You will have a FREE HOUSE that can HOLD UP TO 5 miners,you will be able to create 'Paid Contracts'(Faucet). ... Read More
What are Timed Mh/s So by now you would have seen or heard about earning of Timed Mh/s. So what are they? They're 'Timed Mh/s', you have them but it's for a limited amount of time. Unlike the shop where you purchase a miner these Timed Mh/s will expire. Timed Mh/s expire X amount of days fro ... Read More
Find your account balances after update 1.27. As of the recent update the balance / progress stats have changed posititions. This was part of optimising the pages and declutting the sidemenu due to the amount of information on there. Since new features are always bein ... Read More
This will be a brief introduction into the upcoming changes. As I said many months ago, I will be removing Internal Mh/s. After talking to users I will convert ALL internal Mh/s into Satoshi balance - You will get 1 SAT per 1 Mh. Just to clarify, Internal Mh/s would includ ... Read More
Points System This is a new feature to Contract-Miner - The Points System. How it works, when you gain a point you can then use this point to redeem for ingame bonuses. This is a new ingame feature so bonuses are limited for t ... Read More
Miner Status Update It's finally here, a highly requested feature. You can now alter the status of your miners. You no longer need to sell your miner stock in order to downgrade your property. You can set your miners to Inactive, this will mean that miners will no longer run and provide y ... Read More
Update 1.20 CM Coins & Offerwalls With the introduction of update 1.20 it will introduce CM Coins and a new balance and the begining of offerwalls. Offerwalls will reward you in CMC 'Contract-Miner Coins'. What is CM Coins? CMC is a balance that is a 1:1 ratio with USD so if the va ... Read More
Introduction to Contract-Miner Contract-Miner is a Text based Crypto Browser Game. At the time of posting the game is on V ... Read More