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I'm now, how do I begin?

As a new member this will look confusing, but you will soon come to understand it. As a rookie you will only be able to start with a Tier 1 'Paid Contract'. Once you progress through your levels you will unlock higher tiers and get access to the 'Auto-Miners' feature.

More about this in the Game section.

What is Free4later?

Free4later (commonily known as 'The Free4later Network') is a social rewards network. Similar to sites like FaceBook we operate as a social network between 'Reward Earners'.

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What is Contract-Miner?

Contract-Miner is a Text based Crypto Browser Game. Create Crypto Contracts and run your own virtual miners.

You can read a full detailed post here.


What coins can I earn?

Right now it's just Bitcoin (BTC) - DOGE and LTC will be re-enabled again in the future.

"Reward less than 0"?

This means that you do not have enough hash to contract for a reward of value.

What are Paid Contracts?

The first Paid Contract is free. As you unlocked higher tiers you can invest a small amount which will give you a higher payout in return.

What are Auto-Miners?

Auto-Miners are where you can run your miners for a set timed contracts and get paid for it.

Why do my earnings change?

Earnings are dynamic. So, Bitcoin goes up, contracts go down and vice versa.


Difference between Bitcoin Balance and Internal Balance?

Account balance is your internal balance which is used for the 'Bit Market' and the 'Shop'. Bitcoin Balance is your earnings from your contracts - This balance can be exchanged to account balance or withdrawn.

How to update my settings and set an Account Pincode?

All your account details are within the settings page. You can find the link on the sidebar and on the dropdown menu on your username on the menu.

All your settings are on that page - You can also set or update your pincode there. If you are a new member you will get a notification on the game overview.


Withdrawal Options?

Right now we only allow the withdrawals made by


Do I need to deposit?

No! You don't need to deposit anything. The game is built so you can simply play and earn for free.

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